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Specifying A Slip Ring

Here are some basic questions that help us to understand your SRA requirements:

  • Number of rings.
  • Current and voltage running through each ring; steady-state and peak values (and duration of peak values).
  • What data is being passed, the nature of the data. For example, Ethernet, video, Canbus. All of these media will have levels of speed that the data needs to pass through the slip ring at.
  • Size constraints/space envelope.
  • Enclosed unit or separate slip ring and brush block assembly?
  • Through-bore or flange-mounted? If through-bore, what dimension?
  • Environmental requirements: vibration, acceleration, altitude, water, excessive heat or cold. IP rating?
  • Special acceptance test requirements?
  • Qualification testing required?
  • Speed of rotation.
  • Does it rotate in both directions?
  • Duty cycle.
  • Service life requirements, with or without servicing.
  • Additional rotary joints to be incorporated such as fibre optics (FORJ), μwave (RoJo), hydraulic, pneumatic?
  • Wire length and type requirements.
  • Connectors or flying leads? If connectors required, what type?
  • Quantity of SRA’s required and delivery rate.
  • What is the end-use of the SRA?
  • If the application is military, who is the ultimate end-user of these units?