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† Key Information:

If you are contacting us about a new slipring enquiry ideally we would prefer to see your detailed specification. If you don’t yet have this here is the basic information that we need in order to give you a response:

  1. The number of rings
  2. The current and voltage running through each ring
  3. If data is being passed, the nature of that data, e.g.  Ethernet, video, Canbus
  4. Any other media being passed? Fibre optics, microwave,hydraulic or pneumatic?
  5. Your size constraints
  6. Through-bore or flange-mounted? If through-bore what dimension?
  7. Is it an enclosed unit or do you need  separate slip ring and brush block assemblies?
  8. Speed of rotation? Does it rotate in both directions?
  9. Life-time / duty cycle
  10. Environmental requirements: vibration, water, excessive tenmperatures – high or low
  11. Special acceptance tests?
  12. Is qualification testing needed on the prototype(s)?
  13. Quantity needed and when.


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